Simple Yet Effective Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Treatment Methods

tibial tendonitis treatmentSimple Yet Effective Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Treatment Methods

While most people have either heard of or experienced the pain associated with tendinitis, the reality is that there are many different types of tendinitis conditions. Perhaps one of the most common is posterior tibial tendonitis. This type of tendinitis will typically develop in athletes, although it is not uncommon for non-athletes to develop this type of tendinitis as well. This type of tendinitis generally causes pain due to inflammation and degeneration of the tibialis posterior tendon which is located in the lower leg and ankle area. This condition is usually caused by the tibial muscles being overused or experiencing more trauma than it can stand.

Tibialis Tendonitis Treatment

Once you’ve had a diagnosis for posterior tibial tendonitis, the next step is to look for a Tibial Tendinitis Treatment to help either eliminate or reduce the pain and discomfort that you’re feeling from this type of tendinitis. Fortunately, there are many different types of treatments that can help this particular condition. Here are a few effective treatments for this type of tendinitis:

  • Joint mobilization
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Electrotherapy
  • Exercises to increase strength and flexibility
  • Taping
  • The use of crutches
  • The use of a brace
  • Icing or heat
  • More supportive footwear
  • Rest

tibial tendonitis taping

Effectiveness of Treatment

Perhaps one of the best things about this type of tendinitis is how well it responds to treatment. Regardless of which type of tendinitis treatment best works for your personal situation, you can expect this type of tendinitis and the inflammation that affects the tibial tendon to heal rather quickly and allow you to continue on with normal activities that require mobility.

However, it is key to remember that you will always be prone to this type of tendinitis reoccurring. That is precisely why education about this type of tendinitis and a change in some very basic and normal daily activities as it relates to your mobility can be a great deterrent for this type of tendinitis reoccurring in the future.

Unfortunately, tendinitis is something that is all too common and not just in people who are athletically minded but basically anybody who has the ability to walk or run. However, with education as well as medical attention, you can either eliminate or greatly reduce the significance that tendinitis can play in your everyday life.

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